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Vivir y crecer en pareja

Our Programs

Live and Grow Workshopin couple

In our Couples escort service, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment, supported by the latest methodologies in the field. Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to explore both your relationship and yourself, learning to find harmony even in the most challenging moments. We focus on helping them honor the love that unites them, allowing them to discover, from the depths of their hearts, the reasons to move forward together or make healthy decisions if it is necessary to say goodbye.

Live and Grow Workshopin Family

Our Family accompaniment has as its fundamental objective to provide comprehensive support to all family members. In a safe environment and with the support of the most advanced methodologies, we seek that each individual has the opportunity to reflect on themselves, occupy a significant role within the family system, acquire effective communication skills and, ultimately, achieve coexistence. healthy and happy in harmony with your loved ones. We are here to help you strengthen family ties and build a future full of love and well-being.

Live and Grow as a Couple

With the healing power of nature, the workshop consists in 3 days in XX placewhere participants can see the couple's relationship from new expansive, creative possibilities with a deep meaning of personal and spiritual growth. Each couple lives a deep process focused on their needs (clarifying their disagreements, strengthening the bond, rediscovering meaning, fueling the fire of passion, or ending the relationship healthily). This is possible because we work with independent dynamics that allow us to create a safe, harmonious and light space for growth. The space allows for a higher level of consciousness that brings new learning and healing of conflicting emotions on a personal level as well as in the relationship, thus positively impacting their family and work lives. The workshop methodology allows that weekend to also provide enjoyment and well-being to the participants.

Facilitated by a couple of husband and wife professional coaches who are experts in flow facilitation, relationship coaching, family constellations, and facilitators of the immunity to change tool.

divorcios y separaciones
Mi enfoque



  • Learn to create a safe space for communication.

  • Experience the connection from the heart and the healing power of nature.

  • Learn to clean the relationship.

  • Live the relationship from the power of the here and now.

  • Communicate mutually your expectations, requests, gaps and satisfactions in an assertive and affective way.

  • Recognize the dynamics of the couple, understanding the stories of the family lineage from love and the origin of the patterns of choice that have been painful for each one.

  • Bring to light the unconscious behaviors that do not allow you to be the person you are destined to be,

  • Heal the emotional bond with your parents and ancestors, to be able to choose an emotional story for yourself and as a couple to do so  different. 

  • Recognize individual and couple strengths, resources and qualities.

  • Know, deepen and reflect on the current state of the relationship, communication, mutual interest and affection, children, sexuality, spirituality, achievements, learning.

  • Develop skills to manage crises in the relationship and emerge from adversity.

  • Develop the couple's emotional intelligence.

  • Establish agreements on what is fundamental in the relationship and generate commitments for a relationship based on values and principles.

  • Jointly project a desirable future, that is, a life project that reflects the path that the couple decides to take, with commitments to change in being, feeling, doing and having.

  • And also celebrate.

Workshop schedule


SAFE SPACE: Co-creation of a space of containment and trust with practical tools that facilitate introspection and conscious, affective and assertive communication. Alignment of process expectations.

Day 2:

CLEANING THE RELATIONSHIP: With different methodologies and cutting-edge techniques, difficult topics come to light and are addressed in a healthy and constructive manner. Learning tools for effective and emotional communication as a couple.​

FORGIVENESS & RECONCILIATION:Deep and liberating encounter with emotions and memories of the past that allows the heart to heal and transform pain into opportunities.

Day 3:

LIFE PROYECT:Recognition of the important individuals and the relationship, which become the lighthouse that illuminates the path to follow after the workshop. 


AGREEMENTS FOR CHANGE:Commitments generated according to the needs of each one to build the desired future.

Live and Grow
in family

 The purpose of the Live and Grow as a Family Program is to support all members of the system  so that  In a safe space and accompanied by cutting-edge methodologies, they can look at themselves, occupy a good place in the family system, learn tools to communicate assertively and find harmony to obtain a healthy and happy coexistence.


Process that includes a two and a half day workshop and three follow-up sessions to deepen and sustain the learning from the workshop.

Due to the depth with which we work with the family system, our program is carried out with only one family per workshop.

In a natural environment and facilitated by a couple of certified coaches we use  various tools and experiential activities that include: conversations, reflections, bodily activities, creative activities, various dynamics and recreational activities.

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