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Live and Grow as a Couple

Flowering as a couple​

We are Jaime and Mary, a team of professionals specialized in cutting-edge methodologies to support couples and families in their growth, development, evolution and crisis management processes; We are a happy, authentic and resilient marriage, which has overcome the tests for more than 20 years. We believe that love, reconciliation and expansion of consciousness are the key to healing relationships.

Terapia para parejas
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The path of love has many edges and life as a couple offers us a continuous change that allows us to see each other in our deepest intimacy, where our lights and shadows appear to strengthen or weaken the relationship, depending on the path we choose to travel.

This process is aimed at couples who intend to:

  • Start a path together.

  • Strengthen your relationship.

  • Recover the connection from the heart and the magic of the relationship.

  • Overcome a relationship crisis.

  • Heal wounds that prevent peace in the relationship.

  • Have the necessary tools to have a healthy relationship.

  • Build a life project as a couple.

  • Face a breakup or separation in peace, heal the wounds and acquire tools to strengthen yourself and be able to forgive from the heart.

About us

We work as a team, just like you.

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If you have any questions or want to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment, call us or write to us on WhatsApp:

Tel:+57 310 6963070

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